Indoor Bunny Swing!


Size: 27 x 25 x 20cm


Material: Soft upholstery fabric, Pine Wood, Cotton Rope. All materials are 100% certified.


Suitable age: 9m +, Children who can already side unaided. Use under the supervision of an adult!


Weight: up to 18kg Assemble to the ceiling (rope length approx 180cm).


Suitable for standard room heights 2.5m - 2.7m


Frame: Rope length approx 130cm


PLEASE NOTE: The Swing does not include hooks. These should be purchased suitable for the intended surface.


Hooks needed - Min Diameter 6mm, hooks at least 540' required parameters of pins:- Diameter 10mm, Length min 70mm


When purchasing please let me know what length of line you need (to ceiling or to the frame).




Delivery time approx 2-4 weeks. 

Black Bunny Swing.


    House of Os.